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About StarShine

Originally formed in 2001 by Sandy Lo, StarShine Magazine paved the way for online publications, which were at the time not seen as a viable form of media. 

Through Sandy's dedication and passion to entertainment sans gossip and trash, she solidified StarShine's reputation and convinced fans and the industry alike that online magazines should be taken seriously.

StarShine was the first publication to feature and interview Taylor Swift. We were also one of the first magazine's to discover Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and the Jonas Brothers!

StarShine grew to millions in just a few short years and in 2012 -- Sandy found herself burnt out. She decided to pursue other ventures (like publishing 9 novels!).

In 2018, StarShine Magazine is officially back and with a new platform that allows fans and stars to connect more than ever! Stay tuned for some awesome interviews, articles, and who knows... maybe a celebrity chat or video! 

Why You Should Join Us

Because we're awesome, duh! Seriously, our promise is that we will always deliver a dose of entertainment, fun, truth, and opportunities to make you feel closer to your favorite stars. Unlike other networks, StarShine is one of positivity and happiness -- we're not hear to strike fear in your heart, stir up controversy, or talk politics. We're here to escape! So take a mental break with us everyday! 

A Big Thanks

To the StarShine Supporters, new and old, celebrity or not, I love you and thank you for being part of this wonderful space! Message me anytime.

Hugs, Kisses & Stars,

Sandy Lo

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